Direct Health Care

Fall Special Offers:

Cryo Mid-Section – 9 treatments for $1,000

Decompression – 20 treatments for $1,700

Laser – 6 treatments for $299 or 12 treatments for $499

Direct Health Care You Can Count On

At 1 Source Center, we offer DHC services to all of our clients who would like to be seen on a regular basis, but don’t want to go through their costly insurance company. Using the Direct Health Care method, we are able to keep your out of pocket cost down, and make sure that your visits to our Chiropractic office are regular. Sometimes it is more affordable to pay your chiropractic services out of pocket, than it is to charge them through your insurance and be subjected to copays and deductibles. We want you to be happy and healthy! If you have never taken part in DHC services before, we encourage you to try us out.

Direct Health Care for Individuals

Chiropractic Services are SO important to your overall health and well-being. We understand that not all insurance companies have caught up with the times, and therefore offer less than satisfying rates for chiropractic services. That is why we offer our Direct Health Care Program! We want you to get the care you need, at prices you can afford.

Our DHC for individuals includes visits up to 8 times a month for a flat rate, monthly payment. This includes heat stem adjustment and traction, plus 50 % off of everything except cryotherapy!

Direct Health Care for the Whole Family

DHC for families is perfect for those who want have multiple family members that need to be seen. This option is also great for families who have high deductibles, and would like affordable Chiropractic services without having to go through their insurance company to do so.

Our Direct Health Care Services for the family includes up to 8 visits per month for a flat, monthly rate. Includes heat stem adjustment and traction, plus a 50 % discount on everything except cryotherapy!